Basketball Court Repair and Maintenance

How to maintain an acrylic basketball court

An acrylic basketball court requires little maintenance to keep the surface in prime condition for many years but needs regular care. Have a look at the below tips.

  • Regularly sweep or blow leaves, dirt, bird droppings and other unwanted materials from the surface with a broom or air blower approximately once a week.
  • Wear proper shoe like the non-marking flat soled basketball shoe and make sure that your shoe is clean while playing.
  • After the rain, try to dry the surface fully before playing.
  • If a drink is spilled on the surface, immediately wash the surface and make it clean.
  • Do an annual pressure washing to remove mildew, dirt etc. Please contact Ace Surfaces Inc. when your basketball court needs its annual pressure washing.
  • For tougher stains, try to use TSP (tri-sodium phosphate).
  • Asphalt or Concrete basketball courts should be resurfaced in every 4-5 years.
  • When cracks appear in the court surface, try to immediately seal it. So that you can stop water from entering into the cracks and that will reduce the chance of damage of the surface.

Repair options

Depending on the damage to your court there are many repair options. Though the two most common options are either resurfacing or reconstructing the court itself. If damage is sustained to the court, contact Ace Surfaces immediately to take the next steps to fixing your damaged court.