Gym Accessories

Basketball goal

Heavy duty goals offered in a variety of designs for home or playground use. We offer styles with breakaway rims.

Volleyball Goals

Posts are lightweight aluminum design. Features height adjustments and a built in channel.

Protective Wall Padding

Protective Wall Padding is available in many different colors and also can be customized with artwork and logos. Wall padding provides extra safety and reduces injury due to wall collision. Padding is 2” thick and covered in vinyl.

Cover Plates

Cover plate are an integral part of the floor surface. They keep openings flush and waterproof while not in use.

Floor Covers

Available in a variety of colors, weights and sizes, floor covers are a great way to protect your gym floor while having events. Treated to prevent against mold and flame retardant. Easily portable if purchased with a storage rack.


Custom Logos can be created and as many as you would like added to the floor.

Floor cleaner

HARO Sports has developed a tried and tested floor care program that helps optimize HARO Sports floors.

Marob Giant

A large area floor cleaner that helps save time, is easy to use and cleans and maintains the floor, helping protect your investment.