Gym Flooring

Types of gym flooring

There are three main types of Gym flooring-wood, pad and pour and vinyl.

Wood Flooring

  • Wood flooring is natural, durable, and typically available in Maple 1st, Maple 2nd, Oak and Ash.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes due to its warm colors and natural look.
  • Daily and weekly maintenance is recommended on a wood floor.  Sweeping or dry mopping daily and a wet mop weekly is needed to maintain its shiny new look and play.
  • These floors last many of years with proper maintenance.  Wood floors are extremely durable, however it will be vulnerable to moisture and humidity can damage the wood.
  • Wood floors are environmentally friendly as long as all wood is FSC certified from the ground up, good for people with allergies and can be repaired easily.

Pad and Pour Flooring

  • Pad and Pour Flooring is a great option for people or companies who require a low maintenance gym floor.
  • You can customize the floor according to your exact playability and sport of choice.
  • It’s an excellent alternative to the wood flooring as it is highly durability factor withstands high point loads and rolling loads.
  • These floors come in wide variety of floor colors and can be customized for the look you want to achieve.
  • Its high shock absorption reduces the risk of injury to athletes.

Vinyl Flooring

  • Vinyl flooring is the least expensive gym flooring option
  • It’s available in multiple colors and patterns, making it easy to get the look you want.
  • Vinyl flooring is very resistant to water and dirt. It is easy to clean & maintain the floor. Just sweep once a day and occasionally mop it.
  • Vinyl is a long-lasting flooring product and can last up to 20 years depending on product and play.  It cannot be resurfaced and can be difficult to repair.

Gym Flooring Basics

In the world of fitness, everyone wants to be stronger, run faster and jump higher. To adapt to this and the many types of indoor sports, gym floors must be maintained well and should be extremely versatile. Though there are no mandatory rules or regulations like tennis or basketball to construct the respective court floor, there are some general basics to consider while installing your gym floors.

  • You need to survey the space where you want to construct the gym floor and see what the current flooring condition of that space is and decide if there is anything to do before laying out the new flooring operation.
  • Properly plan how you’ll use that gym floor space and think about the types of equipment you want to keep in that space & then choose the appropriate flooring types.
  • Protective floor covering  is required to certain gym spaces where the equipment or floor will be at risk of damage.
  • Ensure that there are no trip hazards & no such overlaps between two areas of flooring that’ll create problem.

Factors to Consider

  • Choose the proper place you want to convert to a gym floor. If you want to open it in a school, make sure you are using soundproofing options. Wood flooring can create loud noises when crowd and sports play is involved.
  • Most of the time due to slippery floors, injury can occur, so choose carefully what  type of flooring  is needed based on the sports that will be played on the floor.
  • Cost plays a major role while constructing a gym floor. Choose the floor that is best for your budget.
  • It’s best to choose a floor that is environmentally friendly.
  • It is important to check for water or moisture issues before installing a floor.  A simple Relative Humidity (RH) or Calcium Chloride test is adequate to gain an understanding of the substrate.
  • Concrete or asphalt substrates should be flat with no deviations of more than ⅛” in any 10’ span.

Wood vs. Pad and pour vs. Vinyl

  • Pricing of all systems can vary by large amounts depending on:
    • Wood Selection
    • Subfloor construction and thickness
    • Shock absorption requirements
    • Coefficient of friction requirements
  • When comparing durability factors you should take into account the style of play and maintenance that will take place in the gym. A properly maintained floor will last a very long time. If maintenance is not priority number one, a pad and pour floor will be the most durable and trouble free option.
  • Vinyl flooring is easiest to install followed by Pad and Pour. Wood flooring can take time to install unless it is a HARO Sports floor. Due to the pre-finished and engineered construction a HARO Basketball Floor can be installed in less than 5 days.
  • Pad and Pour and Vinyl are the least susceptible to moisture. Wood flooring is vulnerable to moisture and humidity and they should be monitored daily.
  • Wood flooring can be repaired easily. But Vinyl & Pad and Pour can be difficult to repair. All sports floors should be repaired by a factory trained technician.


-HARO – Helsinki 10 10 //// 10 top 3 /// EcoTop-

If you plan for wood flooring for your Gym, then Helsinki 10 10 //// 10 top 3 /// EcoTop by HARO would be the excellent choice for you.


A liquid cushion flooring composed of prefabricated rubber mat adhered to a substrate. The mat is then coated with premium polyurethane layer and then finished with two layers of premium polyurethane matte top coats.


This floor looks like wood but performs like rubber. It’s synthetic wood grain surface is fusion bonded to a 5mm base. It is durable, affordable, slip resistant, sustainable and is easy to maintain. It also significantly reduces noise and is quite underfoot.


Everlast flooring is rubber flooring made from recycled tire rubber. It is great for any workout room or weight lifting area. It features a large collection of colors, can be ordered with custom colors and also can have custom logos. It’s durability and ease to clean make it ideal for any fitness applications. It also provides force reduction and is sound absorbent. Its slip resistance and easy maintenance make it an easy choice for fitness facilities.


-Floor Maintenance & Cleaner-

To ensure that a floor performs to its full potential, it should be treated regularly with the proper floor care products. Please contact Ace Surfaces for the proper cleaning procedures on your floor.

-Screening & Finishing-

Screening and finishing(or refinishing) should be done annually to preserve and maintain a traditional wood floor. A HARO Sports Floor does not require down time for screening and finishing for at least for first 15 years of ownership. Re-finnishing a traditional wood floor keeps the shiny look and helps with traction and safety for athletes.

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