Multipurpose Court Surfacing

Types of courts

A multipurpose court is a playing surface that integrates multiple sports into one surface by providing multiple sets of lines for different games. Multipurpose courts can be indoors or outdoors on almost any surface, it is just a matter of what lines are painted on the surface.

Construction basics

The different playing lines normally start with white and are the first sport/main sport and never break. A different line color is chosen for each sport to help distinguish which lines are for which sport. When any other sport crosses the main lines, they break an inch and a half instead of passing over the main sports lines.

Factors to consider

It is important to decide which sport you want to be the “main” sport of the court and what other sports’ playing lines are going to be featured. The colors that are desired to feature each sport should also be thought out ahead of time.


Budget & court quality are two important factors you should work on before planning for multipurpose court construction. These two factors may drag you in two opposite directions. High quality means higher budget whereas with limited budget, you may be worried about the quality. So, Ace surfaces offers you a wide variety of products to work with; best suitable for your multipurpose courts. A brief walk through our product lists so that you can choose the best one for your need.

Laykod Masters Products

Acrylic courting is one of the best surfacing products for multipurpose court. For more details, please visit our Acrylic Court surfaces page.

For indoor multipurpose court, you may consider the following products.

Ecotop- HARO

Eco Top 2 is also known as the Fitness Floor. Eco top 2 is a cost effective flooring for those who want professional sports floors but don’t have the budget for the alternative Helsinki 10 10 or 10 Top 3. HARO Eco Top has a prefinished coating that lasts eight to ten years.


A liquid cushion flooring composed of prefabricated rubber mat adhered to a substrate. The mat is then coated with premium polyurethane layer and then finished with two layers of premium polyurethane matte top coats.

HARO Hilsenki 10 10 /// 10 Top 3

Haro Hilsenki 10 10 and 10 Top 3 are premium parquet wood flooring that are designed for indoor flooring. With almost 60% shock absorption and an easy to install tongue and groove system the Haro Helsinki 10 10 or 10 Top 3 are the perfect fit for you indoor flooring needs. HARO Hilsinki 10 10 and 10 Top 3 have prefinished coatings that last eight to ten years, making them very low maintenance.


RIO is an outdoor flooring that has the highest level of performance according to the EN 14677 test. The system can be set up or dismantled in a short amount of time and can be used for multiple sports.

  • connected like a laminate floor,
  • the finish is customized to your specification and so is the color. However, it has substantially longer manufacturing and delivery times.
  • It is extremely durable,
  • easy to setup and dismantle,
  • has a drainage mat on the bottom and with the CNC cuts rain is running right through it,
  • it does not need protection in an outdoor environment
  • has 49% shock absorption.