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Acrylic Court Surfaces

When it comes to athletic court surfacing, Ace Surfaces is known throughout the industry as the leader in terms of quality, workmanship and technical know-how. Ace Surfaces guarantees that we have the specific surface to meet your needs, from an acrylic hard court to a cushioned court with 60% shock absorption. All of the surfacing options available from Ace Surfaces comes with an industry leading 5 year warranty and up to an unheard of 30+ year life expectancy.

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Ace Surfaces

Ace Montreal is the first of its kind and no guinea pig, simply a fusion of battle tested flooring systems. By blending these forces, tennis players will be able to enjoy 60% force reduction on their body in combination with the perfect ball bounce and surface pace of the long lasting acrylic finish. The extent of shock absorption on a tennis court opens up a new dimension for player protection and will provide vastly increased comfort for the social tennis player….. Learn More

Laykold Masters

For years, acrylic coating manufacturers worldwide have been battling in the cushion court market with products that never lived up to their full advertised potential.  For decades the industry standard has been a liquid applied cushioning system which loses its resiliency over time, has a very short warranty period and can be very complicated to install.  With the new Laykold Masters surfacing technology, courts can be installed in less time, with 5 times the warranty and offer up to 10 times the shock absorption!

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HARO Wood Flooring

Ace Surfaces is also an authorized dealer for Haro Sports Wood Flooring, providing engineered hardwood flooring systems for sports, which is available in four different wood species: Oak, Canadian Maple, Beech and Ash. Haro Sports hardwood flooring is a superior hard court product that has been approved for first-level competition and is used at Olympic Games and World Cups… Learn More

All Weather Sports Surfaces are developed for residential and commercial tennis, basketball and multi game courts, engineered to reduce stress on back and lower body extremities. It also reduces court downtime and maintenance in every type of weather conditions, and has an unsurpassed fifteen (15) year warranty against any manufacturing defects and with life expectancy of over 25 years. We offer both ProStep™ and SoftStep™ outdoor surface options for every need from competition-level courts to backyard multi-purpose courts.

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