Pickleball Court Accessories

Pickleball Nets

The standard Pickleball Net is made of heavy duty UV resistant mesh and vinyl construction and has a vinyl coated top cable.


There are a variety of many different Pickleball net posts available. These round new posts have a vinyl coated cable, a powder coat finish and adjustable post collar. They are available with a quick detach handle and can be black or green in color.


Divider nets are a necessity at multi-court sport centers or anywhere multiple courts are next to each other. Divider nets make sure that the ball stays in your court. These comes in a wide range of sizes and colors, but most are comprised of the same No. 36 nylon netting with a 4-ply upper hem and a vinyl mesh bottom.


Backdrop curtains help keep multi-court facilities more private while providing a backdrop to ease ball tracking. Backdrop curtains are available in custom design and colors.


Windscreens help keep privacy, as well as block the wind. We carry an extremely wide variety of colors and sizes. Custom text and logos are also available.


Custom single-color or multi-color logos can be applied to any Pickleball court.