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We Have The Right Court For You

We Have The Right Court For You

We Have The Right Court For You

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Playground Floor & Underwater – Splash Pad Surfacing


Underwater Surfacing/Splash Pad Surfacing


Types of underwater surfacing/splash pad

  • Indoor and Outdoor playgrounds
  • Theme Parks
  • School Play Areas
  • Pathways
  • Pool Surrounds – domestic & commercial
  • Interactive water features
  • Splash Pads/Water parks
  • Public shower floors
  • Gym flooring
  • Sport Courts
  • Golf Course Walkways

Underwater Surfacing/Splash Pad basics

Polysoft’s UV and chlorine resistant surface is a very versatile and top of the line underwater surfacing and splash pad option. The surface can have many different sizes and intricate designs available. Whatever your surfacing needs are there is a solution for you.

Factors to consider

  • Always choose a safe ground for splash pad surfacing that should be free from any potential hazard.
  • There should be appropriate outlet system for the waste water to get drained easily and quickly.
  • Surfaces should be slip resistant to prevent children suffering from any injury from slip.
  • Ground should be fenced properly to avoid the water being contaminated by some poisonous animals or through other polluting substances.
  • To prevent any surface water accumulation, areas which are surrounded with water features should be graded towards drainage outlets.


  • Creates a safer environment with friction/sure footing. The flooring helps create traction and a slip resistant surface.
  • Surface area stays cool, allowing foot traffic in summer months by reducing surface temperature by up to 20 degrees.
  • Design/color can be customized to clients’ desired look. Colors can be mixed in different variations and logos and designs can be built right into the surface.
  • Chlorine Resistance and high chemical resistance make this product very durable in underwater installations.

Pour in place Safety Surfacing

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What is pour in place

Pour in place is a playground safety surfacing that lets kids play and makes it safer environment when they fall. Although this is its main goal it can have so many different applications that make it one of the best playground surfaces in the world. The material can be made up of up to 92% recycled materials.

Fall height

Fall height depends on the thickness of the safety surface below. The thickness of the surface depends on the height of the playground equipment. This creates a safe environment for children as they are protected if they were to fall head first off of the playground.

Factors to consider

There is an array of different color and design options that can make any place look livelier. Though those aren’t the only two things to consider when planning for your surface. Fall height, and the environment your surface will be in, are also very important! Fall height will help you determine how thick of a surface you’ll need, and considering the environment that your surface will be in helps you choose a product.

Limit liabilities

Choosing the leading product in safety surfacing helps limit liabilities that may occur on playgrounds.

Wheelchair accessibility

Surfaces meet all ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility.


A wide variety of colors and designs are available for all pour in place safety surfaces.

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