Sustainable Materials

Ace Surfaces uses many sustainable products in our surfaces. From recycled tennis shoes, to tires, to couches and mattresses there are many ways we utilize recycled materials in our end products.

Recently, Ace Surfaces Inc paired with Advanced Polymer Technologies to create a cushion court with a shock pad that utilizes recycled tennis balls. Up to 10,000 recycled tennis balls are used in each cushion tennis court, helping keep used tennis balls out of landfills.

Franz Fasold, along with Advanced Polymer Technology, HABU and Ecore spent years brainstorming and developing the product to incorporate into high performance tennis courts.

Advanced Polymer Technology and Ace Surfaces Inc have partnered with reBounces, HABU and Project Green Ball to collect, sort and ship used tennis balls that are then ground up and incorporated into the Laykold Masters cushion court systems.

For more information on a recycled tennis ball court or where to recycle please visit