Tennis Court Repair & Maintenance Tips

How to maintain

For general surface care, wear only white or non-marking flat soled tennis shoes. Be sure to wipe shoes before entering the court to prevent unwanted objects being ground into the surface.

  • If a drink is spilled on the surface, immediate washing is recommended.
  • Annual pressure washing is recommending to maintain your tennis court. Please contact Ace Surfaces Inc when your tennis court needs its annual pressure washing.
  • Maintaining your tennis court varies on whether it is a low maintenance or high maintenance environment. A low maintenance environment has low levels of pollution and dust. A high maintenance environment is subject to heavy airborne pollution such as dust, leaves, traffic fumes, etc.
  • To maintain a tennis court in an outdoor low maintenance environment, it is suggested to sweep the courts with a broom or air blower approximately once a week. If needed, foreign deposits should be hosed off with clean water. To maintain an indoor court in a low maintenance environment, the court should be cleaned regularly with a Tennant T5 Walk behind or comparable cleaning machine to remove any dirt, dust, etc.
  • To maintain a tennis court in an outdoor low maintenance environment, high level contaminants can settle rapidly on a court. If they are not removed, it can result in staining of the surface and premature surface wear. All foreign deposits should be hosed off at least once a week to minimize build up. If the surface becomes stained or dirty, it can be scrubbed with a light duty scrubber/vacuum machine with a soft bristle attachment. After light scrubbing, remove any residual debris by hosing off with fresh water.

Repair options

Laykold Masters surfaces are highly resistant to damage, however sharp objects, such as metal chair legs, heavy impacts from metal racquets, stiletto heels, vandalism, etc may cause deep cuts into the base layer of the surface. Please contact Ace Surfaces Inc immediately if any damage occurs to prevent further damage.