Tennis Court Resurfacing

What is tennis court resurfacing

Tennis Court resurfacing is the application and process of revitalizing an old degrading surface into a once again playable sporting surface. The process includes cleaning, checking the court for low spots, high spots, filling cracks and applying the surface of choice.

Benefits of tennis court resurfacing

With a proper resurfacing cycle and premium surface selection you can prolong the life of your very expensive asphalt or concrete substrate for many years. Not only does resurfacing provide much needed structural repairs, but it gives the court new life with bright, vibrant colors and new crisp lines.

Why Ace Surfaces is your best choice

Ace Surfaces Inc has been installing high quality sport surfaces for 22 years. Franz Fasold, owner of Ace Surfaces NA Inc, came to the US in 1993 to bring to market an extremely durable cushion sports surface to an industry where the standard had been untouched for many years. Since then, Ace Surfaces Inc has installed more cushioned tennis courts and basketball courts than anyone else worldwide. Ace Surfaces Inc is your best choice for your tennis court surfacing or resurfacing needs because we only work with the longest, most durable products available and we have 22 year experience with tennis court installation. We install tennis courts internationally-from the United States, to Africa, all the way to China, we can make it happen!

Our Tennis Court Resurfacing Products